The perfect choice for hair salons looking to offer their clients a wide variety of vibrant and long-lasting colors. With 84 different shades to choose from, Mcreme provides the ultimate in color selection and quality for all hair types.

Professional Salon Hair Dye 100ml

• Pre-Bonded: Our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate protects the inner hair structure—so you can maintain the integrity of the hair, color after color.
• Pre-Blended: Our formulas are Pre-Blended with background + reflect—so you can neutralize every underlying pigment.
• Pre-Paired: Our permanent and demi-permanent oxidative dyes are perfectly matched—so you can achieve seamless, root-to-tip color, that lasts and fades on tone.

Hair Developer 1000ml

It mixes hair color to an ideal consistency for controlled and precise applications. It is available in 10(3%), 20(6%), 30(9%) and 40(12%) volume.

Hair Bleaching Powder 500g

Everything you love about Mcreme hair bleaching powder, now with the power of bonder inside, no additive needed! Protect bonds to keep fibers strong while lifting up to 9 levels.

• Technology allowing up to 9 levels of lift

• Perfect for all lightening techniques

• Can be used with up to 30 volume developers for on-scalp application


Mcreme hair coloring tools includes a high-quality hair mix bowl, hair brush, and hair dryer, providing all the necessary tools for achieving a flawless and professional-looking hair color.

Hair Coloring Tools

Mcreme’s hair coloring tool kit featuring stylish blue hair color mix bowl, hair brush, and hair comb. Whether you’re a professional stylist or coloring your hair at home, this kit provides all the essential tools for achieving a perfect and even hair color application.

Hair Dryer

Mcreme’s hair dryer with advanced technology and features designed to protect hair from heat damage, delivers a salon-quality blowout while promoting healthy and shiny hair.

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