About Us

Products dedicated to non-damage coloring and
quick repair of damaged hair.

MCREME was born from fashion inspiration. The brand owner & founder revealed the original intention of starting creating this new brand out of the old conception of people thinking hair color is trendy. The new generation is more passionate about looking for one of kind things along with the development of society people pay more attention to external appearances including hairstyles. 

Meanwhile, the high pressure of life and work environment makes more people have more or fewer hair problems. Everyone is paying much more attention to the health and environmental protection of dyeing within care and styling products to consider whether there is any damage caused to the hair. Therefore thinking to create a new color system & hair care products line. Makes MCREME brand consumer hair looks vibrant with trendy color and keeps the hair natural and healthy looking. MCREME team do believe only the young people know exactly what this new generation of world peoples likes!

Express yourself in full color

Generally speaking, there are always no lacking products in the market but only needs innovation & inspiration to get more younger generation’s heart and makes them follow . User-friendly brands and natural ingredients hair products always popular anywhere. Seeing this opportunity, MCREME team has invested in independent research and development of brands, focusing on hair dye, hair care, and hair styling to create an amazing full line of high-quality products.

MCREME is a unique salon hair products brand founded by Yoyime Cosmetics, LTD, Our factory has over 18 years of experience in the hair color industry. We are dedicated to the research and production of hair products, including hair dye, hair care, and hair styling. We put much effort into moving our brand all over the world make new generation consumers can get a good hair products experience in such morden society. 





The brand founder had the intention to create MCREME brand because She has always chased fashion and kind hairstyles. After two decades passed since she engaged in the hair &beauty industry and more than ten years of working experience make she has the stronger powder to hold such a dynamic team to operate this fabulous brand.

MCREME Mission

MCREME’s mission is to provide consumers with a full range of high-quality products for hair dyeing & care and styling and to help consumers to set up their own style that keeps up with fashion hair. MCREME products always take off environmental protection and we use friendly ingredients for all. Through continuous innovation and improving the convenience of product use, we are committed to making it easy for everyone to have healthy and fashion-vibrant hair.

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